Sunday, July 3, 2016

Welcome to Story Point!

Hi and welcome to my new website!

My name is Alan Bell, and I'm an Agilist. That means I'm a proponent of a methodology called Agile (including a very popular Agile framework called Scrum) and I love to help people learn how to use it.

While I spend a lot of my time on-site as an Agile Consultant, helping and training people directly, I find it useful to have a curated source of information that I can refer people to so that my assistance doesn't end when my contract does. That's what this website is for - that, and so that I have a place to publish my theories on How Stuff Works™ ;)
If you find it useful, great!  Feel free to contribute in the comments, submit new ideas, challenge my theories / assumptions, ask questions, etc. As an Agilist myself, I welcome healthy discussion and debate about any and all of my preconceived notions. I certainly don't consider myself the font of all knowledge, either, so please feel free to correct me if you spot something you think I've got wrong.

Above all, though - thanks for visiting!