Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Open Government

Here's a quick blurb on Gov.uk - a web-based interface to open goverment that's already up and running in the UK. The video is high level but, for those of us that are trying to help the public service here in New Zealand, extremely aspirational.

Check it out:


An elite team of digital experts has sparked a radical shake-up in the way the government does its business. Some of the UK's best designers and developers are working on building a new single website for all government departments – gov.uk – but their influence has gone much further. Jemima Kiss talks to government digital chief, Mike Bracken, minister Francis Maude and others about how they made it all happen

The too many meetings problem

There are a bunch of questions / comments that, as an Agile coach, I see time and time again. One of them is the "oh my god, why are we always talking about work?!  Can't we just do work instead?!" or some variation that basically boils down to the "Scrum has too many meetings" myth.

You'll note I transitioned from "problem" to "myth"; that's because there is no problem - other than people's perception - and professional Scrum trainer Brett Maytom has done the maths to prove it:

For more information and to see his working, head over to LinkedIn.